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All Faith is in Charlotte Hall Maryland, the parish dates to 1655 and the present structure was built in 1767. Located behind the church is a 1970's concrete bunker set into the side of the sloping grade which serves as the parish hall. The roof of the hall is even with the grade at the back of the church. It was constructed to be the foundation of a future facility that was never built.

The parish is in desparate need of addtional space for varous functions, including a full time day care facility, catering kitchen, banquet facilities, classrooms and offices.

Our solution was to construct on top of the existing bunker a new parish hall designed to perhaps look like an original barn or farm structure that has been repurposed. The new structure is alligned with the center of the original church and faces the round rose window at the rear of the sanctuary.

To make the space desirable for catering and weddings the facility needed a large volume space, but the new structure needed to be spatially subserviant to the original church. Low eaved but tall sloping standing seam metal clad roofs evoke the indiginous tabacco barns that predominate in the area.