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V Street Residence
Mount Vernon Court
Single Family
New Custom


Single Family Residences


Existing 2 story 2 unit building. Program was to convert the existing property to single family, and add a new 3rd story. A large addition was added to the rear by filling in the existing side areaway.

The front facade was adapted by filling in one of the 2 entrance doors with a matching window and removing the stoop. The new 3rd story was designed as modified mansard with peaked dormer windows in an effort to make the new story appear original.

The first floor plan is open and loft like. the addition steps down 18 inches to give the Living Room taller ceilings. Part of th original side areaway is kept as an atrium space through to a roof skylight, with original exposed brick walls and open to the second floor.

The new third floor is partial depth and opens at the rear to a large roof terrace over the second floor.


Existing 2 story tudor residence with an awkward and bland 1970's addition. The Program was to add a new second story on the addition and incorporate the entire house into a seamless whole. The client was no really fond of the tudor but loved the location, so we toned down the more overt tudor influences while respecting the original design.

The new second story has a projecting gabled bay that matches te scale of the orginal gable on the opposite side and a smaller gable which relates back to the small asymetrical dormer.


The client desired a more open loft compared to the existing narrow plan rowhouse they occupied. As they entertain frequently the existing tiny kitchen at the rear was ineffective. After searching for a new residence and finding nothing that really worked we suggested renovating the existing house to work better for their lifestyle.

We relocated the kitchen to the original dining room and converted the old kitchen are to a den that opens through broad new glass doors onto a rear deck. We modernized and updated the interiors throughout, and converted the original stair hall to dining, so now the owner has a large open living area.