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We were retained by a developer to prepare a proposal to renovate an existing studio apartment with a separate kitchen. We reworked the plan to provide a full bedroom with walk-in closet There is a stacking laundrybetween the bedroom entrane and closet. The kitchen is now a galley in the main living area nd the original closet near the enctrance is a dining alcove.

The bedroom is open to the living area through a pair of glass doors. The kitchen though small, is equiped with refrigerator, wall oven, 2 burner gas stove and microwave. A bar table provides for casual seating and addtional work space.  A small armoire in the entrance hall provides addtional storage. A wall hung modern gas fireplace anchors the wall in the seating area.


Friends, a new couple moving into their first joint space asked for help. They found a great apartment overlooking Santa Monica Blvd, it was in a fantastic location, had spectactular views, but an awkward layout. The space was divided into 2 unequal areas by a bath that could not be moved. Also, the kitchen while having very nice finishes, was a galley along one wall and therefore not conducive to serious cooking. They requested a work zone, and wanted 2 seating areas, one of which could be converted into guest sleeping.

Our solution was to utilize the larger volume just inside the entrance by creating 4 separate zones divided entirely by furniture placement. We created a living, dining, entry and office. the office and living are separated by a large floor to ceiling and nearlyl room length storage wall, while creating distinct areas, is open enough to see through to maintain the original sense of openness.

Our proposal was to make the kitchen more functional simply by providing 2 long narrow work tables to both create a defined work zone in the kithcen, while also providing addtional food prep area and room for bar stools for casual dining and cocktails.

The smaller of the 2 volumes is utilized as casual lounge area opening onto the terrace.


The existing floor plan had an awkward entrance at the opposite end from the living area, and a very long dark hall. There was also an awkward connection with the main bedroom and hall bath. The living area was small compared to the overall size of the unit, yet the kitchen seemed overly generous. The dining area was literally a pass through area to what was to the client the single most redeeming asset which was the large ground floor terrace.

Our solution was to opent the main bedroom to the hall with french doors, incorporate the side hall into the bath area which alllowed the relocation of the laundry. This doubled the size of the hall and allowed the second bedroom to also open onto the corridor with french doors.

By shrinking the kitchen slightly, we were able to enlarge the living area, and be reworking the corner fireplace improve the functionality of the space.