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The existing structure had suffered several unfortunate renovations that resulted in an awkward plan. The existing kitchen at the rear was closed off from the adjoining dining room by a very large masonry chimney. it also had only one small window looking onto a nicely landscaped rear garden.

Our solution was to remove the chimney and open the entire wing into a large kitchen lunge area. By relocating the kitchen to the original dining area, it is now more centrally located to the center parlor which is now the dining. The lounge at the rear has a new large triple window providing view to the garden.

The original through hall from the front was closed off for a powder room which was also visible from the front door. we relocated the bath to under the stair, and opened back up the original door from the hall. There is now a site line from the front door through the house to the rear windows. This also enabled us to enlarge the small door to the new dining into a large cased opening centered on the fireplace.

The master bedroom on the second floor was a warren of confusing spaces. The original entrance to the room was closed off for a closet and a barely sufficient bath was squeezed into the corner. Access was forced through a center bedroom essentially limiting its use as a separated bedroom. We restored the original door to the bedroom, and be moving the bath and closet opened to front windows to the room.

Since the client requested a much grander master bath, we relocated it to the center room which is now lined in stone tiles and outfitted with custom cabinetry and frameless glass wall, all anchored by the original marble fireplace which is now outfitted with gas logs.

The removal of the chimney provided the opportunity to rework the guest bedroom area in the rear wing. The previous plan was a circuitous hall and laundry area leading to a single bedroom. The new plan allows for 2 proper bedrooms.